Grow Services

Grow Services

Grow Pros of West Michigan offers a variety of services to help improve your growing experience. From simple, one-time visits to help you get started, to comprehensive plans that enable you to grow like a pro! See our packages below.

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Bronze Service

Bronze Serive
  • One On-Site Visit
  • Review of Input and Equipment Installation (Water, Nutrients, Air Temp, Humidity, and Movement)
  • Education and Coaching on Best Practices
  • Planning for Highest Quality and Yield

Silver Service

Silver Serive
  • Three On-Site Visits
  • Vegetation Stage
  • Transition to Flower Stage
  • Harvest Stage
  • Review Grow Logs for Areas of Issues
  • Review Setup of System
  • Troubleshoot Pests, Disease, and Deficiency
  • Recommendations for Increased Quality and Yield
  • Access to Grow Pros Help Desk

Gold Service

Gold Serive
  • 12 On-Site Visits
  • Hands on service from germination/cloning, transplanting, veg-flower, sexing, pruning, cropping, trim, dry, and cure, plus more.
  • Step-by-Step Education and Troubleshooting
  • Integrated Pest Management, Prevention, and Eradication
  • Cannabinoid, Tricome, and Processing Education
  • Includes all services from Bronze and Silver packages.
  • Access to Grow Pros Help Desk

Best Value!

Platinum Service

Platinum Serive
  • Full or Half-Day On-Site Services
  • Custom Built Service Package (Free Consultation)
  • LARA Metrc API Trained
  • RF Automation
  • Free Delivery of Grow Supplies

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