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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, these FAQ's are provided as a guideline for our customers' general questions only. They should not be used as a legal guideline. Grow Pros is not responsible for your personal activities with cannabis. 

Why should I grow my own cannabis?

There are many advantages to growing your own cannabis! Firstly, growing cannabis is significantly less expensive than purchasing product that has already been processed for sale. Grown cannabis typically has similar or better quality to provisioning centers and generates more yield. You also have the convenience and privacy of growing in your own home, instead of driving to one of the sparsely available provisioning centers in West Michigan.

Is it legal to grow my own cannabis?

Residents of Michigan are allowed to grow up to 12 plants in their home.

How much recreational cannabis can I have?

You are allowed to grow up to 2.5oz on your person at any time. There can be no more than 10oz in your home at any time.

Can I sell the cannabis that I grow?

There are currently no regulations for selling or buying recreational cannabis in the state of Michigan, and thus it is still considered illegal.

Where can I consume cannabis?

Both recreational and medical cannabis must be consumed on private property, ie your home. Consuming in public is still illegal.

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